The onset of the pandemic has transformed the way humans live and how nature responds. Each day we learn something new about nature, which remains vastly unexplored. 

The importance of ecosystem restoration and the conservation of some critically endangered species of wild fauna and flora became apparent as time progressed. Conserving and restoring ecosystems could aid in the prevention of 60% of predicted extinctions.

At the Machan, an eco-centric luxury resort in Lonavala amidst the Western Ghats of India, you’ll find a variety of wild fauna and flora like the Blue Mormon butterflies, the Malabar whistling thrush, funnel-web spiders etc. In its natural state, the property stands at the heart of a unique ecosystem where natural phenomena can coexist with humans without harming them. 

The Machan philosophy revolves around three goals: CONSERVATION, PRESERVATION, AND COMMUNITY, which mirrors this year’s theme, Recovering Key Species For Ecosystem Restoration. The resort property is home to a great variety of migratory and regular birds including babblers, barbets, kingfishers, thrushes, swallows, swifts, wagtails, booted eagles, common rose finches, blue napped monarchs, turtle doves and ashy drongos among others.

Our in-house team of naturalists has converted the once barren land into a lush tropical cloud ecosystem teeming with indigenous flora, fauna, and wildlife whereby visitors witness the beauty of 

  • The Velvety Black and Blue Coloration butterflies – Blue Mormon, popularly known as the State Butterfly Of Maharashtra. 
  • The detritivores species – Termites or White Ants consume dead plants at any level of decomposition which plays a vital role in the ecosystem by recycling waste materials. 
  • The blackish with shiny blue patchy bird – Malabar Whistling Thrush .
  • The thriving Malabar Giant Squirrel species that can live up to twenty years with a diet of fruits, flowers, nuts, birds’ eggs, and insects.
  • The glorious jewel in our ecosystem – Purple Sunbird
  • The Funnel Web Spider leads to a silk burrow that acts as a protective hiding place for quickly grabbing their prey. 
  • The pretty colourful Grey Wagtail bird can eat hundreds of insects in a day and thus protecting the ecosystem by playing a vital role as an effective and non-invasive pest controller.
  • The charismatic Ribbon Dancer Bird is native to tropical Asia and typically prefers deep temperate and tropical habitats.

Our species rely on ecosystems to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves. Despite this, we face threats to our existence and the extinction of thousands of species threatens our survival. Without them, habitats and ecosystems are in peril. 

As you watch the wildlife in Machan, viewing the natural beauty in the surrounding areas or while relaxing on the Mahan balconies, you will be able to visualize the gloriousness of the fauna and flora and get immersed in the golden hour as you see the beautiful surrounding area engulfed in wildlife splendour.

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