India’s First And Only Carbon Neutral Resort – The Machan

A sustainable mindset is required in this age where the effects of climate change and environmental pollution are becoming all too real. We need to act now so that our future may be secured.

We are very proud of how far we have come so far, having recently become the first and only carbon neutral resort in India so far. Our resorts in Lonavala are the pinnacle of eco-friendly travel and tourism, utilizing many techniques to keep our carbon footprint to a bare minimum and maintain an efficient operation.

It was no easy feat but today our resorts not only stand as a pioneer in nature oriented travel, we are also actively giving back to the communities around us, from whom employ staff and also purchase local produce from.

We have had the philosophy of restoring and preserving the natural state of things ever since we began as a small barren plot of land a bit over two decades ago. Over the years, we transformed the land into the lush forest it is today, home to dozens of endangered species of fauna and flora. It is a story of hope and healing that is still going on today and we hope you will join us on this quest.

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