The Machan-BLADE Experience

A vacation is an escape of the body and mind from the stresses of our everyday lives. When we’re on holiday the last thing we’d want to worry about is the journey.  I’m sure everyone has had travel horror stories, be it flat tires, getting stuck in traffic, or dealing with the hassle of airports.  We want our vacations to be a time of getting back to nature and unwinding, and what better way to begin it than with a scenic ride from the skyline of buildings to the skyline of trees in Lonavala

By choosing the Machan-BLADE experience, you are choosing a premium service that won numerous awards and one that many others have left glowing reviews for.  It is a partnership that is dedicated to bringing you a memory you won’t forget, from the cruise through the skies to the warm welcome awaiting you, everything has been specified to the highest standard for your satisfaction.

Allow yourself to experience the magic of a night in the trees, complete with a delicious lunch in the woods and a serene nature trail. Gaze at the stars away from the harsh city lights and explore space with our stargazing sessions.  Every perfect evening must have a candlelit dinner to end it, and our delectable menu will indulge your taste buds with the finest pleasures.

Let excellence be your baseline and come spend the night with the Machan-Blade experience.

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