What is the carbon Footprint of the Travel Industry?

While travelling is one of the most popular activities across the world, many of us may be unaware of just how much the travel industry affects our planet. According to a 2018 study, tourism may account for nearly 4.3 billion metric tons of carbon emissions which includes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These emissions are measured as the carbon footprint we generate, and this carbon footprint is an indication of how we impact the environment through our actions. 

Carbon Footprint

We might think only things like burning fossil fuels or burning plastics are how emissions are produced, however, many things in our daily lives are largely responsible for the carbon footprints we leave behind. From our transport, to food and lodging, these small things add up to have a sizeable impact on the world around us.

The tourism industry is heavily affected by things like poor supply chains and outdated, inefficient power systems, these things can be updated and reworked to fit a sustainable model of operation like our resorts in Lonavala. It not only would have the benefit of being better for nature but also reduce the cost of operations due to them being more efficient.

Picture taken at our resorts near Lonavala

Travelling to new places and having memorable experiences is something that everyone deserves, and that includes the future generation. It would be a disservice to our children and grandchildren if all we were to leave behind is an empty husk of a once vibrant landscape.

In the end, all of us should aim to reach a goal of carbon neutrality like our Lonavala resorts, i.e, maintaining a state of equilibrium between the emissions produced and the carbon removed from the atmosphere. It’s an overall healthier approach to tourism and one that will ensure this beautiful Earth of ours will be around for the centuries to come.

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