The Machan – Carbon Sinks and Carbon Neutrality

Carbon has been a headache for the human race since the industrial age, the rise of factories and mass production has aggravated issues of carbon and other greenhouse gases. This problem is made even worse by the fact that many of our forests, some of the biggest carbon sinks, are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Carbon sinks that act as reservoirs that absorb/remove carbon from the atmosphere and serve a crucial role in supporting life on Earth. When there is a balance between the carbon produced and removed, one can be considered carbon neutral. When these carbon sinks are taken out of the balance, we are the ones who will suffer the negative consequences.

Our belief in carbon neutrality goes far beyond a buzzword to be thrown around, our resorts in Lonavala becoming the first and only carbon neutral resort in India so far. This was possible from our sustained efforts in regeneration of the forests around our property, which acts as a natural carbon sink and also provides a home to various fauna like a family of barking deer.

Our future lies in protecting what is here in the present and preserving these things for future generations to enjoy as well. So let us embrace eco-friendly travel and a nature oriented lifestyle.

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