10 Things a resort must do to become Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutrality has become a very important topic these days, with many companies coming under scrutiny for ecologically harmful and unsustainable practices in business. To become carbon neutral, the main goal is to remove as much C02 from the atmosphere as you produce. One can take many measures and approaches to reach this goal, so let’s explore some of these options.

  • Use energy efficient alternatives

Simple things such as using LED lights, solar panels, intelligent lighting and such adds up to not only being friendlier for the environment but on operational costs as well!

  • Better supply chains

From the ground level shipping to company security, resorts can operate with other carbon neutral companies in order to lessen their own carbon footprint by a sizable margin.

  • Remote work

While there are countless facets to running a resort that require in-person attention, there are a lot of things that can be offloaded to remote workers which not only improves productivity but also helps reduce the environmental impact of running a large on site crew,

  • Furnishing

Here at our resorts in Lonavala, we pride ourselves on our furnishings and room decor, many of which are sourced from local artisans or are antiques. Avoiding formal and sterile furniture helps both in aesthetics and in keeping the carbon footprint down.

  • Eco friendly Products

Everyday items like shampoo sachets or single use napkins can be damaging to the ecosystem owing to the amount used and the production processes used to make them. Thus moving to eco-friendlier alternatives can have a massive impact on one’s carbon footprint.

  • Reduce

We strive to keep operational costs as well as waste down by reducing the intelligently managing resources in ways such as customized menus for each guest or dimmer lights which save both energy and reduce light pollution.

  • Reuse

Reusing of waste products is crucial to keeping negative environmental impact to a minimum. For example, almost all our greywater is used in watering the flowers and plants around our resorts near Mumbai.

  • Recycle

We also recycle any plastic products and scrap paper that we can in order to keep them useful for longer as well as prevent more pollution from throwing them as junk or burning them.

  • Aiding the growth of carbon sinks

Of all our accomplishments, our regenerated forests have played a pivotal role in our becoming the first carbon neutral resort in India. Carbon sinks like our forests play a major role in stabilizing the ecosystem and removing carbon from the atmosphere, so it’s in our best interest to preserve and protect these carbon sinks.

  • Carbon offsets

By purchasing carbon offset credits, one can purchase a claim for a measurable and verified amount of emission reductions via dedicated organizations that prevent or reduce carbon from being reduced somewhere else. These offset credits are crucial in dealing with certain emissions that may be hard or even near impossible to reduce.

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