Terpsiphone paradisi, the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, is a charismatic medium-sized bird that looks unreal because it’s an incredibly beautiful creature. It is a forest bird and typically prefers deep temperate and tropical habitats with average annual rainfall between 600 mm and 2000 mm. It is native to tropical Asia. It is native to Asia and its geographic range spans from Kazakhstan to the Indian peninsula and the south-east Asian islands. 

Asian Paradise Flycatchers show a form of sexual dimorphism called sexual dichromatism which basically refers to the difference in coloration between sexes within a species. Males are characterized by their exceptionally long pair of central tail feathers which can extend up to 25 cm past the other tail feathers. Males come in two morphs: rufous and white. Females occur only in the rufous morph. All juvenile males are rufous and look similar to the female but can develop into the white morph after their second year. The rufous morph is more common than the white morph.

It is one of the most sought-after birds at the Machan and is one of the highlights of the Machan experience. All the morphs have been sighted inside the regenerated forest at the Machan. It is on the top of most bird enthusiasts’ wish list who visit the Machan. Guests from the Starlight, Forest, and Canopy machans can often sight the bird right from their machan decks. Also, it has often been sighted near Stream 1 and in the forest near the Sunset machans

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