We really lucked out as citizens of India, blessed to be living in a country full of diversity. While we often talk about cultural diversity, one of India’s most beautiful features is its geographical diversity. India is home to many landforms and species of flora and fauna, most of which we remain unaware of, unfortunately, either due to lack of knowledge or because they are almost endangered. The Machan resort in Lonavala has tirelessly worked towards the conservation of one of India’s most prominent regions- the Western Ghats.

The Machan is an eco-centric luxury resort in Lonavala with customized tree houses that float 45 feet above the ground. The in-house team of Naturalists have made the once barren ground, a thriving tropical cloud ecosystem teeming with indigenous flora, fauna, and wildlife species. 

The property makes a wonderful place for bird enthusiasts as birds can be spotted from the comfort of their private deck or while taking a trek in the forest. Many regular and migratory birds have made the property their home including babblers, barbets, kingfishers, thrushes, swallows, swifts, wagtails, booted eagles, common rose finches, blue napped monarchs, turtle doves, and ashy drongos among others. 

The resort’s property has 4 km of private paths, which the guests can enjoy in complete privacy and safety. The resort organizes guided treks in the evenings, during which the local staff introduces the guests to the fascinating Western Ghats. These treks culminate at the property’s very own beautiful sunset point. 

This Republic Day, get back to the India you love in all its entirety and glory. Take a hike or pick a cycle and explore what the Western Ghats have to offer, secure in the knowledge that your carbon footprint is minimal and your leisure is not in any way proving harmful for your motherland. 

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