Interview: Sustainable travel

We anonymously asked around travellers and influencers what they think about sustainability through two simple questions.

Q: What changes will you make to your travel plans for 2021?

A: Travelling always makes me delighted, hence I have started planning more solo trips, or only a few friends. We usually go trekking, and camping in remote areas, which keeps us socially distant from the rest.

A: Travelling has always been a hobby of mine, it soothes me, and calms me down. The 2020 restraints have now made me more conscious, and I take many socially distant measures while travelling.

A: We would love to visit The Machan again, especially during these times. It is the only resort near Mumbai, that is socially distant by design.

Q: As a traveller how do you show your responsibility towards the environment?

A: We carry our water bottles and refill them whenever we can, using mineral water bottles is something we should stop completely. They are single-use and are often littered all over the mountains.

A: The pandemic should be taken as a lesson by everyone to be more apprehensive and concerned about the environment.

A: As a traveller after the Covid-19 situation, I travel with all the safety precautions, and try not to cause any harm to the destination.

A: Travelling reignites the fire in a drowsy soul, and every traveller should fulfil their obligation and support eco-friendly resorts. The hospitality industry takes up a lot of resources and rarely gives anything back to the environment. It is time for a change in this industry. Eco-resorts are the future of travel!

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