Environmental Friendly Resorts In India

By achieving carbon neutrality, resorts can improve the state of the ecosystem they’re built on and thus offer a better atmosphere for guests. Inefficiencies when running a resort, such as outdated power systems and poor supply chains, when fixed, decrease cost of operations as well as reduce emissions. 

Some of the most environmentally friendly resorts in India that you can visit with a peace of mind are:

  • The Machan

Located in Lonavala in the midst of the forest, The Machan is a magical getaway for true nature lovers. It is the first and only carbon neutral resort in India so far; and the very forest surrounding the resort is the result of hard work towards giving back to the environment.

These forests are now a pleasure to explore as it hosts a multitude of unique and beautiful flora and fauna such as Blue-Capped Rock-Thrush and Giant Malabar Squirrel. This tranquil spot also makes it perfect for activities like trekking, nature walks and forest bathing.

  • Aahana Corbett Wilderness

Its proximity to Corbett park makes it more appealing to guests. Located on a 10-acre property, it offers guests a unique wilderness experience. The hotel has partnered with the local village to offer their guests a luxurious stay. Guest rooms are furnished in wood and equipped with everything they need for a comfortable stay.

  • The Barefoot

At Barefoot at Havelock, you can enjoy a unique experience just steps away from Beach No. 7. The deep blue water and clear blue sky make this place feel like heaven among the tropical forests.

  • SwaSwara Wellness Retreat

Inspired by the sound of the word ‘Om,’ SwaSwara Wellness Retreat offers a place to rejuvenate both mentally and physically.  In addition to yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, the sanctuary offers wellness programs (spanning from 5-21 nights).

  • The Fern Gir Forest Resort

Guests at this resort enjoy luxurious services and it is known for being environmentally friendly. All 40 rooms have basic modern amenities, and they have tried to make the hotel as eco-friendly as possible. The resort’s design is heavily influenced by rural India.

  • Vythiri Resort

The resort’s 43 treehouses, villas, and restaurant feature elaborate wood-panelling, exposed bricks, and traditional Kerala-style architecture. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the rooms, which have balconies and modern amenities. 

  • Kipling Camp

Kipling Camp is located on the edge of the Kanha National Park. As a long-standing accommodation provider, they thought of making it part of responsible tourism. In particular, the camp is committed to protecting the forest and wildlife

  • Ananda

The resort is located close to Rishikesh. Located in the Himalayas, the resort is stunningly beautiful. Since it is meant for wellness, the use of chemicals has been limited, and they have made accommodations accordingly. Guests are provided with all the amenities they need during their stay. There are a variety of programs available at the resort that they can take part in. 

  • Eco Tones

The Eco Tones resort strives to be different from the typical resort. Sustainability is incorporated into their mud houses so that they have a rustic look without sacrificing all the modern amenities. In the absence of urban noise, guests can interact with the local people and explore nature in their own way. 

  • Nimmu House

Ladakh’s Nimmoo village is home to this resort which is over 10,000 feet above sea level. Located in close proximity to untouched and pristine mountains, it provides a sense of relaxation. Meals are always prepared with fresh produce from the local area. Staying in the tent is the best way to experience their eco-friendliness. They provide an opportunity to experience Ladaki culture.

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