Celebrate the art of freezing moments this World Photography Day

A moment lived is cherished for eternity via photographs. Digital, printed or polaroids, whatever the form, a single photo is often a collection of myriad memories that brought together people for that one instant.
This World Photography Day, create such beautiful moments and memories at the Machan Resorts in Lonavala. A beautiful tree house resort near Mumbai, the property boasts of lush green forests and views of lofty hills for the discerning traveler.

Why celebrate this day at a Resort near Pune?

World Photography Day is observed to celebrate the magic of cameras, and the photos they bestow upon us. The art of creation is ardently appreciated at The Machan, a Lonavala resort complete with various vantage points to give you that picture-perfect shot.

What all can you capture at The Machan?

Right from simple moments of your significant other or friends relaxing by the pool or in a hammock to stunning sunsets and the pitter-patter of the rains during monsoon season, the resort in its entirety is a haven for photographers. Practice your art with numerous wide-angle shots or simply sit in your private deck and capture the shimmering night sky. You can also carry your camera around the resort to click pictures of different birds and nature trails. At this beautiful resort in Lonavala, there is no dearth of excellent shots.

An ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune, the resort is a sight to behold in monsoon. Complete with tree house, cottages and villas, the resort is perfect for every kind of traveler. A wooded and serene paradise, this place is replete with nature’s magical vistas and moments of bliss punctuated with solitude. All of which are worth capturing when it comes to the spectrum of human emotions.
Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and this cannot be truer when it comes to the art of photography, best realized at The Machan. So bring out your cameras and all the tricks to create art with the click of a shutter. We have the ultimate canvas for your next big photoshoot worthy of Instagram and Pinterest.

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