The Machan Gallery Volume 3 Results

The Machan resorts in Lonavala launched ‘The Machan Gallery’ initiative to encourage and appreciate the art of photography, in line with the resort’s philosophy of promoting community and creation. Under ‘The Machan Gallery’ initiative, 10 best captured moments are nominated for a public vote on our social media handles. The winners are awarded gifts and vouchers by The Machan. The winning entries for Volume 3 are:

The desire to disconnect in nature and seek inspiration for creation is a common drive in all The Machan’s guests. From wide-angle shots on a professional camera to pictures taken simply on your phone, we encourage and appreciate all forms of photography, for each photograph is a wonderful memory specially curated by you. 

The image presents a mutual co-dependence between darkness and light- a duality in reality that is often an important metaphor we often tell ourselves and others to provide some comfort when needed. Mark Frost rightly said, “For instance, there is no light without darkness—and this troubles many of us—but without it, how else would we tell one from the other? We spend half of every day in darkness; surely we should make our peace with this.”

The second photograph also interestingly represents another duality and mutual co-dependence. Men and women- two ends of a spectrum with a great half-discovered middle in between them. What keeps this spectrum from falling apart is the security one gets -while looking into another’s eyes- in the knowledge that ‘you and I’ are ultimately ‘one.’ 

The duality in the third photo lacks the mutual co-dependence that has otherwise also been a common observation amongst the entries. As humans, we depend on nature for life and sustenance and not the other way round. After ages of exploitation, our race is finally awakening to the idea of a sustainable lifestyle and preserving nature. In this big, beautiful, natural world, we can be more than just parasites. We can enjoy and consume the best of nature, but we can also be healers, conservers, and appreciators- much like The Machan itself. 

Resorts near Pune are a visual treat to the eyes, both real and artificial; but capturing their true beauty and the memories made there requires patience, creativity, and appreciation for the same- all three values that we hold dear to our heart. 

The Machan is an ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune for a digital detox and an art indulgence. Plan your next holiday at The Machan and don’t forget to pack your cameras!

We invite you to The Machan to disconnect to connect; to disconnect to create. 

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