The Machan-BLADE Experience

A vacation is an escape of the body and mind from the stresses of our everyday lives. When we’re on holiday the last thing we’d want to worry about is the journey.  I’m sure everyone has had travel horror stories, be it flat tires, getting stuck in traffic, or dealing with the hassle of airports.  We want our vacations to be a time of getting back to nature and unwinding, and what better way to begin it than with a scenic ride from the skyline of buildings to the skyline of trees in Lonavala

By choosing the Machan-BLADE experience, you are choosing a premium service that won numerous awards and one that many others have left glowing reviews for.  It is a partnership that is dedicated to bringing you a memory you won’t forget, from the cruise through the skies to the warm welcome awaiting you, everything has been specified to the highest standard for your satisfaction.

Allow yourself to experience the magic of a night in the trees, complete with a delicious lunch in the woods and a serene nature trail. Gaze at the stars away from the harsh city lights and explore space with our stargazing sessions.  Every perfect evening must have a candlelit dinner to end it, and our delectable menu will indulge your taste buds with the finest pleasures.

Let excellence be your baseline and come spend the night with the Machan-Blade experience.


As we approach the middle of Winter Spell, the warmth of chat over bonfires and barbeque feasts is deadly. A midwinter with an open bonfire would be incredible! Taking this opportunity to offer our guests a one-stop experience, The Machan Resorts in Lonavala is an award-winning eco-friendly getaway where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature. 

At The Machan, we take pride in providing guests with an experience that combines nature with luxury, while minimizing our impact on the environment and community. Our care is to make our guests feel one with nature and provide them with a unique digital detox experience. 

The Machan‘s activities are tailored to enhance your stay with us and to help you create lasting memories. The potent beauty of the area is balanced perfectly with comfort, luxury, and convenience. 

You can experience the sparks of warmth reflecting on your loved one’s eyes at the private bonfire arranged at your convenience with the thrill of a lifetime and soak in the surroundings as they envelop themselves in mesmerizing golden light. 

Observe the constellations formed by scattered stars during a private stargazing session. With the clear night sky above the wonderful forests full of millions of stars, you can enjoy the twinkling stars while exploring constellations using their high-end telescopes. 

Winter joy awaits you at The Machan!


We really lucked out as citizens of India, blessed to be living in a country full of diversity. While we often talk about cultural diversity, one of India’s most beautiful features is its geographical diversity. India is home to many landforms and species of flora and fauna, most of which we remain unaware of, unfortunately, either due to lack of knowledge or because they are almost endangered. The Machan resort in Lonavala has tirelessly worked towards the conservation of one of India’s most prominent regions- the Western Ghats.

The Machan is an eco-centric luxury resort in Lonavala with customized tree houses that float 45 feet above the ground. The in-house team of Naturalists have made the once barren ground, a thriving tropical cloud ecosystem teeming with indigenous flora, fauna, and wildlife species. 

The property makes a wonderful place for bird enthusiasts as birds can be spotted from the comfort of their private deck or while taking a trek in the forest. Many regular and migratory birds have made the property their home including babblers, barbets, kingfishers, thrushes, swallows, swifts, wagtails, booted eagles, common rose finches, blue napped monarchs, turtle doves, and ashy drongos among others. 

The resort’s property has 4 km of private paths, which the guests can enjoy in complete privacy and safety. The resort organizes guided treks in the evenings, during which the local staff introduces the guests to the fascinating Western Ghats. These treks culminate at the property’s very own beautiful sunset point. 

This Republic Day, get back to the India you love in all its entirety and glory. Take a hike or pick a cycle and explore what the Western Ghats have to offer, secure in the knowledge that your carbon footprint is minimal and your leisure is not in any way proving harmful for your motherland. 


The onset of a new year is the time for celebrating one year of life and reflecting on fond memories with your favorite people. However, corporate life in bustling cities leaves very little room for reflection. Especially with the hectic year that we have shared, the farewell of this holiday season deserves a little extra care and thought. Celebrate this new year like never before, at The Machan resort in Lonavala, 40 feet in the air.

The Machan Resorts is an award-winning, eco-friendly getaway for you to disconnect from the concrete hustle and reconnect with nature. It proudly houses customized tree houses that offer unmatched, spectacular views. The Machan aims at maximizing guests’ comfort and minimizing any damage to the environment and the community. The Machan experience combines extravagance with natural bliss and offers experiences like Shirin-Yoku, stargazing, bonfires, and guided nature trails.

The resort’s isolated location, devoid of light pollution, offers guests a spectacular look at the starry nightscape. Gazing up from the comfort of their private decks, guests from Mumbai particularly enjoy the starry skies – which is quite a rarity in the city today.

Guests can indulge in this surreal experience over a private dinner, around a lively bonfire, or in the comforting company of their family and friends. 

The resort’s property has 4 km of private paths, which the guests can enjoy in complete privacy and safety. The resort organizes guided treks in the evenings, during which the local staff introduces the guests to the fascinating flora and fauna of the Western Ghats. These treks culminate at the property’s very own beautiful sunset point. 

Guests can also use this much-deserved break to indulge in spa therapies in the heart of the forest- truly an experience like no other. It is said that how you spend the first day of a new year is indicative of how the rest of the year is going to be, and we think a year of nature and relaxation sounds splendid. 

The Machan Gallery Volume 3 Results

The Machan resorts in Lonavala launched ‘The Machan Gallery’ initiative to encourage and appreciate the art of photography, in line with the resort’s philosophy of promoting community and creation. Under ‘The Machan Gallery’ initiative, 10 best captured moments are nominated for a public vote on our social media handles. The winners are awarded gifts and vouchers by The Machan. The winning entries for Volume 3 are:

The desire to disconnect in nature and seek inspiration for creation is a common drive in all The Machan’s guests. From wide-angle shots on a professional camera to pictures taken simply on your phone, we encourage and appreciate all forms of photography, for each photograph is a wonderful memory specially curated by you. 

The image presents a mutual co-dependence between darkness and light- a duality in reality that is often an important metaphor we often tell ourselves and others to provide some comfort when needed. Mark Frost rightly said, “For instance, there is no light without darkness—and this troubles many of us—but without it, how else would we tell one from the other? We spend half of every day in darkness; surely we should make our peace with this.”

The second photograph also interestingly represents another duality and mutual co-dependence. Men and women- two ends of a spectrum with a great half-discovered middle in between them. What keeps this spectrum from falling apart is the security one gets -while looking into another’s eyes- in the knowledge that ‘you and I’ are ultimately ‘one.’ 

The duality in the third photo lacks the mutual co-dependence that has otherwise also been a common observation amongst the entries. As humans, we depend on nature for life and sustenance and not the other way round. After ages of exploitation, our race is finally awakening to the idea of a sustainable lifestyle and preserving nature. In this big, beautiful, natural world, we can be more than just parasites. We can enjoy and consume the best of nature, but we can also be healers, conservers, and appreciators- much like The Machan itself. 

Resorts near Pune are a visual treat to the eyes, both real and artificial; but capturing their true beauty and the memories made there requires patience, creativity, and appreciation for the same- all three values that we hold dear to our heart. 

The Machan is an ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune for a digital detox and an art indulgence. Plan your next holiday at The Machan and don’t forget to pack your cameras!

We invite you to The Machan to disconnect to connect; to disconnect to create. 

Celebrate the art of freezing moments this World Photography Day

A moment lived is cherished for eternity via photographs. Digital, printed or polaroids, whatever the form, a single photo is often a collection of myriad memories that brought together people for that one instant.
This World Photography Day, create such beautiful moments and memories at the Machan Resorts in Lonavala. A beautiful tree house resort near Mumbai, the property boasts of lush green forests and views of lofty hills for the discerning traveler.

Why celebrate this day at a Resort near Pune?

World Photography Day is observed to celebrate the magic of cameras, and the photos they bestow upon us. The art of creation is ardently appreciated at The Machan, a Lonavala resort complete with various vantage points to give you that picture-perfect shot.

What all can you capture at The Machan?

Right from simple moments of your significant other or friends relaxing by the pool or in a hammock to stunning sunsets and the pitter-patter of the rains during monsoon season, the resort in its entirety is a haven for photographers. Practice your art with numerous wide-angle shots or simply sit in your private deck and capture the shimmering night sky. You can also carry your camera around the resort to click pictures of different birds and nature trails. At this beautiful resort in Lonavala, there is no dearth of excellent shots.

An ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune, the resort is a sight to behold in monsoon. Complete with tree house, cottages and villas, the resort is perfect for every kind of traveler. A wooded and serene paradise, this place is replete with nature’s magical vistas and moments of bliss punctuated with solitude. All of which are worth capturing when it comes to the spectrum of human emotions.
Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and this cannot be truer when it comes to the art of photography, best realized at The Machan. So bring out your cameras and all the tricks to create art with the click of a shutter. We have the ultimate canvas for your next big photoshoot worthy of Instagram and Pinterest.

The Sunset Machan

Sunset is the moment when we actually witness the transition, the juxtaposition of the ending day and beginning night. Imagine sitting in your private deck at the Machan, at dusk, sipping drinks, feet stretched in relaxation, and all of a sudden, the sky changes colors. You witness a magnificent sight at this weekend getaway in Pune as the sky paints itself in multiple shades of red, yellow, and orange. You’re awestruck as the spectrum of colors hits your iris and penetrates straight to your soul. As the sun sinks in the valley of the Western Ghats, it melts the trivialities of the outside world and fills your heart with bursting bubbles of happiness.

The Sunset Machan is a floating loft-suite build amid the dense forest. It not only constitutes all the luxuries of a 5-star suite but also adds in the Machan charm. It is perfect for couples as well as families of four with its four posture kind sized bed and an upper loft that offers an additional bed and attached bath. Recycled old ship lamps and antique brass fittings complement the eclectic décor. Immaculate, glossy wooden ambiance gives it a rustic charm.  This weekend getaway near Pune is surrounded by diverse flora to accompany you through the large glass panels that make up for a sublime experience.

Sunsets have been a source of inspiration for poets, writers, and romantics alike. At the Machan, you can channel this inspiration into your life and use it to organize your thoughts as you disconnect from the chaos of city life. This weekend getaway near Pune is all about combining natural therapy with sheer extravagance. Here, you can soak in the beauty at dusk while being soaked in the open sky bathtub that bejewels your private deck. Your privacy is carefully ensured at the Machan and you can candidly enjoy your personal space.

The intangible sunset has a transcendent spiritual element that can have a positive, healing, creative and restorative effect on the minds of anyone that witness it. Visit the Machan to make the most of it.

The Woods Machan

We find love. A union, soulful embodied unification that possesses the power to heal us from our fractures and help us grow and develop in ways we can’t even fathom. But the desire for adventure continues. We want our hearts blasting open to the wonders of the world and travel beyond the horizon that leads to the ultimate awakening. Having both of these elements, the incandescent, effervescent thrill yet not losing the sight of your partner, the intimate communion and commitment that you share, is heavenly. The best of both worlds.

Blending these inclinations and creating the most perfect space where hearts syncopate with amusement as well as tranquility seems arduous but we’ve made it happen at the Woods Machan. The Woods Machan is one of the best couple resorts that promise extravagance with ecstasy which shifts your mind from the trifling trivialities of every day to the vast openness of nature. Here, you are present at the moment as you connect with the environment and your loved one while disconnecting from the outside world.


Our decked Woods Machan is a ground-based accommodation that is authentically designed to generate the feeling of a bygone era. It is decorated with tastefully handpicked relics and artwork for you completely immerse in the period feel. The solid brass light fixtures have been salvaged from ancient ships. The Woods Machan has a master bedroom, that extends to a wooden deck that is made from 100% recycled hardwood. The modern bathroom has hardwood teak floors, a standalone bathtub as well a full glass shower cubicle.


The Woods Machan is curated with the thought of blending the forest grandeur into the room so that you can be at one with the forest. Therefore, it is devoid of standard brick and mortar. Instead, we went with wooden work and glass panels so that it syncs with the tone of the forest and simultaneously offers an uninterrupted view of the same. Your vacation will constitute sipping cocktails on the private deck with your loved ones, feasting your eyes on the variety of birds and magnificent views of the Western Ghats. This kind of experience is rarely offered in other couple resorts in Lonavala.

The memories you make at the Woods Machan will top those from other couple resorts and always be cherished as you’ll remember the splendid moments you’ve shared alongside the crackling timber which lulls you to sleep.

Unveiling the Starlight Machan experience

The journey towards disconnect, revival, inner peace, and enlightenment requires a safe space. Space where you can be free from having to manage external concerns so that you can be free enough to take a journey inward. Your mind shifts from survival-based orientation to a more poetic, whimsical, and creative state of being that soak in the beauty and ignores outwardly muddle. That’s why at the Machan, we have thoughtfully designed these spaces for you so you can fully immerse in nature’s goodness.

The Starlight Machans strikes a perfect balance between natural bliss and modern comfort. The ideal, translucent roofs of these Starlight Machans, let you soak in the distinctive beauty of the forest and the night sky. The elegant space provides you comfort, peace, and privacy along with all the contemporary amenities.

The forest takes on a distinct life of its own under the influence of the night sky. You will indulge in that immersive experience in our luxury resort near Mumbai. Each of our five Starlight Machans offer a unique and captivating ambiance, that’s perfect for a romantic stay.

The Starlight Machans have duplex bedrooms, with separate bathrooms, so they easily accommodate a family of four. The charming settings to dine and unwind, including a four-poster bed, and an antique writing table. To top it all off, there’s a pool underneath the guest bedroom for you to just laze or revel in.

The large glass walls of the Machans, including the ceiling section above the bed, offer an unrestricted view of the surroundings. At night, the sky reveals all its glory, providing a rare opportunity for urban dwellers to immerse themselves in its sensational beauty. In monsoons, rain pours through the glass and strikes the ceiling, creating the most beautiful orchestra. It makes you forget all those ear-splitting traffic horns.

The private deck in front of the master bedroom contains a bathtub and an open shower so you can soak in the beautiful sunset while dousing in the plunge bath. At Machan, we are very cautious about your privacy. It is ensured by dense trees, bordering all the Machans, which hide them from one another. The resort is beautifully planned without disturbing the natural foliage in the area.

The Starlight Machans provide an escape from city noise and blinding lights. The sight of starry nights is a rarity in most metro cities, as the sky is curtained by pollution. Here, at our luxury resort near Mumbai, you witness what nature has to offer. You gaze upon the distant yet mesmerizing constellations such as Orion, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Ursa Major/Minor, Sirius, Venus, Mars, etc. October through May is the best time to visit our luxury resort near Mumbai if you’re particularly interested in watching constellations. Our naturalists accentuate your star-gazing experience with facts, myths, and stories.

The most sensual thing one can experience is mysterious. While stargazing, it’s hard to be self-centered as you submerge into the enormity of the universe. The stars are calling, from our luxury resort near Mumbai, and you must visit.

The Machan Architecture

The machan Lonavala

” Our thoughts shape our spaces, but our spaces return the favor. .”

Steven Jonhson

We shape our environment and our environment shapes us back, we are a product of our surroundings. A way to mediate our interiority, aside from mindful self-inquiry and meditation, is through harnessing the power of the built environment, which is Architecture. It is a revolutionary concept that we can architect the mind by architecting the space around us.

Why do form and function matter?

The design, shapes, shadows, and forms have a great impact on human subjectivity. Holy spaces, Cathedrals are monumental in nature, and witnessing majestically beautiful designs and spaces transcends us to a state of aesthetic arrest. The open corridors, spacious halls, high ceilings, and floating treehouses in the midst of the forest are a few of the things that inspire awe.

The Machan started with a vision of creating an accommodation that reflects the idea of, “designing with nature”. It is built to portray that construction doesn’t mean the demolition of the surroundings. Our purpose is to dissever our guests from the city life. Our guests are not contained or limited to a small view from a window. Rather, they are exposed to an unrestricted view of the vast, endless, and majestic forest that leaves them spellbound.

The location was a mountain slope and the area was limited. So, we decided to make the house around a wild fig tree. On the one side we had a ramp that connects it to the falttish part and the tree becomes a coutyard where the house is built.

Shabbir Unwala, the architect

Every single Machan is a universal space. We refrained from putting walls between the living and the dining area so that the guests can enjoy a big open space. Bedrooms are concealed by wooden partitions. We are meticulous about the privacy of our guests that’s why all the Machans are intelligently placed where they are curtained by dense trees. It strikes the perfect balance between life and luxury. Nature’s therapy can be enjoyed while being nicely tucked in the comfort of your machans.

One of the greatest challenge is building the machan was to keep the modernity and the automated comfort intact while blending in the natural elements. We ensure this convenience in our Stargazing Machans with the retractable roof, that unveils the mesmerizing night sky with a single click. The architecture of the Machan is crafted to give you a completely immersive experience of the surroundings.

Every Machan is unique in itself. As they have a personality of their own, guests find it easier to choose one as it matches their requirements and their desired aura. This leads to a more personalized experience. Below are the highlights from each of our Machans:

  • The Heritage Machan incorporates a hanging room that makes you feel aloft while you savor the scenery. A Loft is also built 40 feet above this Machan, which provides a complete 360-degree view of Jambulne and the surroundings.
Heritage Machan
  • The Starlight Machan is your doorway to the stars as it lets you sleep under the night sky bejeweled with stars. The experience in bewitching. It also allows you to witness several constellations through the telescope that we provide.
Starlight Machan
  • The Canopy Machan is made from 100% recycled hardwood that contributed to the master bedroom, a bathroom, and a private deck. It has only glass walls so guests can have uninterrupted views of the surroundings.
Canopy Machan
  • The Jungle Machan truly brings out the jungle experience as real trees, sprouting from the floor are fully stretched through the roof. The goal of living in harmony with nature is completely realized in the Jungle Machan.
Jungle Machan
  • The Forest Machan is truly fascinating as it floats 45-55 feet above the ground. This Machan is perfect for a family getaway as it is children-friendly and offers spacious rooms where you can spend time with your family.
Forest Machan
  • The Sunset Machan is designed as a loft suite that has four distinct sections. It is known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views. It is perfectly placed for guests to soak in the morning sun and watch the sky showcase brilliant shades of red and yellow when the sun goes down the valley.
Sunset Machan
  • The Cabin: The Machan also offers a secluded cabin for those who love their time away from the noise. It is built on the ground so it has a different look to it. It resembles those ancient samurai houses in Japan with its sliding rood that bends on the edges and the open porch with a water feature.
The Cabin
  • Woods Machan: Our Woods Machan is designed to be cozy and snug, with its fireplace, to keep you warm in the chilly nights. Sunlight filters through the tall trees and reveals seductive shades of solid brass in the Wood Machan. It’s both couples and eco-friendly.
wood machan

The architecture of the Machan is planned to mirror our main purpose, which is, being at one with nature. It is uplifting to see our vision coming to life.